Adults spend roughly a third of each workday at their place of business. Employers can improve the lives of their employers through effective worksite wellness programs. Healthier employees are absent less, more productive and experience fewer injuries. Additionally, a healthier workforce can lead to lower health care costs. For more details click here.

​​​According to the Open Data Network, as of 2015, one in four (24.3%) adults in DuPage County identified as obese. Through FORWARD DuPages's Worksite Wellness Strategy, all of the health systems serving DuPage County have taken a role in improving their food and beverage environments.  They have reduced sodium, sugar and fat in many of their offerings and added more whole grains, fruits and vegetables. All health systems continue to make regular advancements in this area.  This year the hospitals are connecting with businesses in their area to serve as mentors to help accomplish similar wellness at work goals. 

​​To date, FORWARD DuPage has partnered with eight hospitals, the DuPage County Health Department and largest pediatrics practice, and DuPage based businesses to conduct assessments and identify goals to improve their nutrition and physical activity policies, programs and environments.

​​​​Recommendations to help your worksite take action:
-Complete the Center for Disease Control's Worksite Health ScoreCard or American Heart Association's Health Achievement Index.

-Implement recommendations as indicated in the Creating a Healthier Worksite toolkit from the Vermont Department of Public Health.

  • Recruit a wellness team.
  • Provide health screenings.
  • Establish a healthy meeting policy.
  • ​Offer flexible work hours to allow time for exercise.

For more worksite wellness resources click
here. Need help getting started or want more details on the next steps? Contact FORWARD Dupage.