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FORWARD DuPage, through its coalition of more than 1400 members, challenges residents who live in DuPage County to lead healthier lifestyles. The Forward DuPage mission “to lead DuPage County, through a broad-based community coalition, in promoting effective and sustainable policy, systems, and environmental strategies for children and families to achieve a healthy weight” is a worthwhile endeavor and a significant challenge. People need to eat nourishing food and be active, especially outdoors. That is a challenging effort.  

FORWARD DuPage’s coalition is made up of volunteers and professional practitioners who are dedicated to Forward DuPage’s vision, mission and strategic objectives. FORWARD DuPage has incubated ideas and actions with neighbors, political leaders, schools and universities, community groups and, state and local organizations for nearly ten years. Bringing together these like-minded people has resulted in positive outcomes. Among FORWARD DuPage's achievements are improved pedestrian and bicyclist transportation networks and healthy, sustainable food systems. The expansion of school gardens, community gardens, farmer markets, and changes promoting individual health in early childcare facilities, schools and businesses result in positive impacts to DuPage County residents lives. 

Working together we continue to forward ideas that lead to permanent systemic changes and individual behavior that encourage an active healthy lifestyle. As we evolve and change we know our work for and dedication to FORWARD DuPage’s mission will lead to many benefits in the prevention of chronic disease, including obesity and related issues such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. 

If you are not already, I invite you to become engaged and get involved by supporting FORWARD DuPage’s efforts. We need your help to “make the healthy choice the easy choice”. 

In good health,

Dr. David D. Dungan

​Chair, FORWARD DuPage Board of Directors